Terms and Acceptable Use Policy

Our Standard features include:

Local support with extended support hours.
Local Access Numbers in all of Western New York and Central New York.
Unlimited Dialup Access.
Both POP3 and Web Mail capabilities, so you are not tied to your PC.
We Filter at our servers for SPAM, one of the biggest problems on the Net today.
We Scan all Emails for Viruses at our servers.
                  - You should still have Virus protection on your PC as nothing is 100%.
You Get 5 Email Accounts and up to 50MB of space on our servers.
You can even use your 50MB of space for a personal/non-business website.
We have two physically separate dial in pools so you can get on when you need to.
We continually monitor so you won't get busy signals or get knocked off.
We have a user ration of less than 7 to 1 so you'll get on the first time.
The Best part is we want to save you money and provide a better service than your current provider.
Montly rate of only $13.95.
No long term commitments required.
We want you to be happy with us and we will continue to add new features to our service.