This document will help you setup Outlook Express to work with the new mail system.

First, open outlook express, find the “Tools” menu, and click on it. Next, scroll down to “Accounts” and click on “Accounts”.

This will open up the “Internet Accounts” screen and from here you will be able to select your E-mail account. If you cannot find it, click the tab on the top of the box that says “Mail”. When you do that, your accounts will be filtered out to show only E-mail accounts. Click on your E-mail account, and then click the “Properties” button.

The page below is the E-mail Properties page for your E-mail account. Make sure that all of the information that was provided to you at the time of signup is listed here on this page. You can add additional information in this area if you prefer. When you are finished with the “General’ Tab, click the “Servers” tab to configure your E-mail Account server settings.

For the “Servers” tab, make sure that your POP3 and SMTP servers both say “” and that you username is “”. You can choose to save your account password here, or put it in later when checking your E-mail.

Last but not least, check the box for “My server requires authentication”. This is the final step in configuring you e-mail account to work with the new server. At this point you are finished configuring you account and can close all of the boxes and test the settings using the “Send/Recv” button. If you get an error, check back through the settings and look for any mistakes.

If you are using this e-mail account with other computers, you may want to chick the “Advanced” tab and check off “Leave a copy of message on server.” This will leave a copy of your messages on the server and allow them to be shared across several computers of your choosing. Remember that at least one computer need to download all of the messages from the server, so you may want to check off “Remove from server after ‘X’ amount of day(s)” on at least one computer that you use frequently.

After all of this is complete, you should be able to send and receive your e-mail.

If you experience and issues with the installations, have any errors, or have any general questions, call 585-343-2713. We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.