WNYNet, Inc.
220 Ellicott St.
Batavia, NY 14020


Fax: 585-344-0690


Steps to setting up WNYNet internet service on your computer:

Click on the Connection Setup Software link to download.

Select “Save” in the window that opens and either accept the default location or choose a new one. Make a note of where the file is being saved!

When download is complete, locate the downloaded file (it’s called wnynet.exe) where you save it and double click on it.

Continue either type of installation by completing the following:

A popup box will come on the screen, click ok

A Screen will appear called WYNET internet setup

Fill in your full name that you used to sign up, hit return

Fill in your user name (all lower case letters), hit return

Fill in your password (all lower case letters), hit return

Across from dialup number is a box “Select”, click on it

Find your city on list, highlight it and select “Ok”

You will see a warning box that states it is YOUR responsibility to verify that the number you will be dialing is a local number for you, that information can be found in the front of your local phone company’s phonebook where it shows the exchanges that are local to you from your town or village.

When you are sure that you have selected a local to you number click “ok”